Dmitry Chekanov

Full stack JavaScript developer.
Independent contractor.

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Securing Node.js development environment with AppArmor

Node.js is famous for the abundance of 3rd-party modules that can be added to any project in a matter of seconds.

The ease of expanding program capabilities helps to develop complex software faster. However, the more modules you add, the more trust you put in code written by someone else. Each module has its own dependencies, which in turn have their dependencies, and so on. As a result, even fairly simple projects can easily contain thousands of lines of code written by hundreds of other developers.

While it is unavoidable to give some trust to others when it comes to using external libraries, it does not feel safe to rely on hundreds of people to ensure that their modules are impossible to compromise.

This post describes a way to configure Linux environment to make it safer to develop Node.js projects.

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Experience highlights

  • Multilingual aggregator and a search engine for fashion products.
  • Interactive video player, with Android and iOS companion apps (Cordova).
  • Factory management software, including employee time tracker.
  • Multilingual API and admin interface for emergency reporting apps.
  • Issue tracker for commercial property management.
  • Studio management software for private teachers.
  • Contry-wide directory of agricultural businesses.
  • Visual page constructor component for a CMS.

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Customer testimonials

Dmitry was extraordinary proactive on the project. For every aspect of it he was able to figure out the problem and need and find the perfect solution. He has an incredible attention to details so the end result of his work is the perfect image of what you asked for. Probably one of the best developers I have worked with.


Dmitry was one of my best hires, and one of the best developers I've met (worked with hundreds, I only have a top 3). There are a lot of coders out there that would boast that they're good, but I'm almost sure you haven't seen good when you see how Dmitry works.

Excellent work, super fast turnaround, clean and modularized codes; and on top of that, a great mentor. What more can you ask for!


It's been a breath of fresh air to work with Dmitry. He's very knowledgeable and has excellent problem-solving skills. Give him clear instructions and you'll be surprised how well he can perform. There's not much explaining to do. He has great communication skills. He will go the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied as a customer. Three times 5-star.


Wonderful to work with and very helpful, communicative and skilled developer. Would hire again!


An absolute rock star, hard worker, great communicator, efficient and fast. A+++